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The Jeep Club of NSW is one of the oldest Jeep Clubs in Australia, having been originally formed in 1974.

As far as vehicles go, there are all types in our Club. This results from the 1980s when Jeep was not active in the Australian marketplace. As the families out-grew their CJ’s, it was necessary for them to look toward different makes. In order to retain active members other makes were permitted into our club, and a lot of those people are still loyal, active members today. Had our club not changed it would not have survived. Many of the club’s current members are former Jeep owners who have stayed in the club despite straying from the marque, and have formed a bond between members that has developed into friendship over the years.

This action has, at times, been viewed as heresy by Jeep aficionados, particularly with the resurrection of the Chrysler built Jeeps in Australia.

Non-Jeep vehicles in Jeep Clubs is an emotive issue, and the topic can be debated from both sides and each has merit.

Whilst the club has evolved into a 4WD club rather than a single marque club there are still enthusiastic Jeepers involved who support and participate in Jeep only activities. This support has been accepted by the non-jeep membership without question.

The Club’s expertise covers CJ’s, military feral, & older jeeps. The first Jeep Jamboree at Dubbo in 1990 was organised by a club member and supported by the club.

The Jeep Club of NSW aims to promote responsible and safe four wheel driving whilst enjoying the natural resources of the Australian bushland.

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